dolphins are straight up murdering to get high
ashley / 23 / 1st year grad student / WoC: black/nigerian usamerican / cis (she/her pronouns). i want to know why celebrities have so much money, but still show up to red carpets looking awful.

Cause it’s your heart it’s alive
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fyeahlilbit3point0 said: "NO CHILL"

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when u come home from school and take ur makeup off

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Laverne Cox was purposefully kept off the Times 100 list. 

Just let that sink in.

Oh and before you come at me, I do not care what you say because she was well over 90 fucking percent

If you don’t think that’s utterly fucking disgusting and transmisogynist then I have officially nothing to say to you and you may vacate my life immediately

This woman is a feminist icon. She has been raising awareness for trans rights everywhere. She is the driving force behind the Free CeCe docuementary. She is an inspiration to women everywhere

And they fucking kept her off the list.

Fuck all of your excuses this was blatant erasure and transmisogynist violence. Registered & Protected


i’m glad chris evans is a celebrity and not a regular person because i don’t know what i’d do if i saw him making me a latte at starbucks or cashing my check at the bank or teaching my english class Registered & Protected


Tyler Posey receives the Pages for Posey project at Bitecon in Los Angeles. Registered & Protected Registered & Protected



"LUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTAAAAAAAAAAAAA"  - me nonstop since late 2013 (via theuppitynegras) Registered & Protected