dolphins are straight up murdering to get high
ashley / 23 / 1st year grad student / WoC: black/nigerian usamerican / cis (she/her pronouns). i want to know why celebrities have so much money, but still show up to red carpets looking awful.

I know people hate those ‘THE 90s WERE SO GREAT, NOSTALGIA’ posts 

But sometimes I go, “FUCK YOU, THE 90s WERE GREAT.”

Because I was a little black girl in the 90s and I grew up on shows that had a large black cast and focused on black families.

And television had a lot more diversity back then and I will never say the 90s were perfect, but that was one thing I really appreciated so. And diversity on TV has gone down the shitter, so yes, I am justified for being nostalgic for the 90s. And I feel awful for the children of color who are growing up on mostly white media and only have like 1 or 2 characters to look at.

So, the 90s were great, bite me~ Registered & Protected

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    #YES! #obviously you all know i think tv’s been great in the last couple of years in the way you couldn’t say it’s been...
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    ok glad i wasn’t just imagining this. i thougt the 90s were a lot better in terms of racial diversity and female...
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    Actually I think what happened is the ultra-babe Bill Clinton and his babe-alicious self left office and Bush assumed...
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